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The White Cottages Skerries Acommodation Bed and Breakfast Our Story

Our Story

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The White Cottages accommodation in Skerries perches on the water’s edge, any closer to the sea and you would get your toes wet. With its stunning unbroken views to the Mourne mountains and Skerries harbour, you'll never tire of the surrounding scenery.

Jackie and Jock, Skerries locals, fulfilled their lifelong dream of living by the sea. With great vision they transformed an abandoned petrol station into the iconic White Cottages that stand here now.

Today, their labour of love welcomes travellers seeking solace by the sea, offering a cozy retreat in the heart of Skerries. Immerse yourself in their remarkable journey and discover the tranquility of the B&B by the sea.

The White Cottages B&B Skerries Cassie The Dog

There's one special member of the team who adds an extra touch of joy to your stay - meet Cassie, our lovable canine companion. Cassie, a friendly and playful border collie, will happily greet you with a wagging tail ready to shower you with affection. Expect to be herded onto the patio and asked to throw tennis balls onto the beach for her to retrieve. She knows all the best spots along the coastline and will gladly join you for a stroll along the shore or a refreshing dip in the sea.

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